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Tiana Roberts, Founder/CEO

All About Me

A small town country girl with city girl dreams, Tiana experienced life as she knew it. A native of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, she adapted to the environment in which she resided and the patterns of her family. She attempted to navigate life the best she could. The sorrows of her soul lead her into adversities, relationships, and circumstances that made her feel like "if it isn't one thing, it's another."


As she navigated through her adolescent years, she became rebellious and felt like she knew more than what those older than her were speaking into her.  She felt like no one could tell her anything, and that she knew it all; however, the circumstances in which she faced proved other wise. 

As she went through undergrad at UNC Greensboro where she received her Bachelor's in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Youth, Child, and Family Development, she now understood the importance of having wise individuals in her life who could pour wise counsel into her. While receiving her Master's of Social Work degree with UNC Greensboro and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, she began strengthening her relationship with God after a incident occurred in her life that made her feel like she couldn't continue on the cycles she had been living. She began therapy to help her process and understand the patterns and behaviors she had adopted as a young child. 

Throughout this journey, God turned her ashes into beauty. He renewed her mind and transformed her. He revealed to her what had been in her the whole time, but what the enemy was trying to keep from her; a Destiny that had already been written. A ministry, Girl Talk Ministry, that she didn't even know was lying dormant within her. Opportunities, breakthrough, and a resilience that only God could give to her. 

Tiana now walks in her calling of being a bridge for adolescent girls who may feel like they are unseen, unheard, or alone. Through her own experiences, Tiana knew what it felt like to desire to just be seen and heard. God has graced her to birth Girl Talk Ministry and to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker where she serves as a mental health therapist. 

As she walks in her calling, she desires to help younger girls see their true worth and value in God. She hopes that they can realize they don't have to look to the world to become like the world, but instead walk in their God identity to be set apart and help transform the world!

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